Clear Aligners

Do clear aligner attachments produce better straight teeth results?

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Do clear aligner attachments produce better straight teeth results? 1024 683 Urban Smile

Using attachments for clear aligner treatment to straighten your teeth is vital for achieving faster and more accurate results for our Melbourne patients.

You might be interested to know, when clear aligners were first invented, they didn’t use any attachments on the teeth.  Since then, the orthodontic industry has invested millions of dollars in research and development to provide patented attachments with their clear aligner treatment.

Attachments are one of the key treatment features that set professional clear aligners apart from the DIY at home treatments that do not have aligner attachments. The  attachments give the plastic aligners a ‘door handle’ which they can use to move the teeth in the doctor prescribed direction – up, down, sideways, around, forwards and backwards. With these attachments, the flexible plastic of aligners can now promote the force needed to achieve your best straight smile accurately and as quickly as possible.

If you’re worried about the look of attachments, don’t be. They are very small and tooth coloured, so hardly noticeable. But what people will notice is your beautiful straight teeth.

DIY aligner treatments do not use attachments as they are cutting out the visits to the dentist or Orthodontist where these attachments would normally bonded during a patient clinic visit. Whilst cutting out clinic visits can decrease the cost of running a business, it may also decrease the teeth straightening results plastic aligners can produce. So don’t expect to get the same results with DIY aligner products in the same amount of time compared to treatment with a premium Melbourne clear aligner provider such as Urban Smile.