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You'll be smiling from start to finish.

How we straighten teeth


Assessing your teeth & bite

Getting your teeth straight is only one part of a beautiful facial appearance. At Urban Smile we assess how your teeth and jaw bones are impacting the way your face looks from the front…and from the side. ⠀

In your first appointment, our AHPRA registered oral health therapist will take photos, a 3D scan and x-rays of your teeth to ensure your tooth roots are strong and healthy before we start your treatment.

Following your assessment, a quote and interest free payment options will be provided. If you have health insurance, we will work with you on maximising your benefits.

Creating Your New Smile

To create your new smile our Melbourne orthodontists use a series of clear, removeable aligners that are practically invisible and moulded to suit your teeth and jaw, so they fit to your current bite perfectly. With the help of attachments (small clear grip holds fixed to the teeth) they gently guide your teeth and jaw towards their new position.

22 hours icon

Wear aligners 20-22 hours per day

weekly icon

Change to a new aligner weekly

12 years old and above icon

For people aged 11 and above



Tracking Your Progress

As you undertake your smile journey, we are here to monitor your progress and answer your questions.

To deliver the best possible result, our oral health therapist will be seeing you in person at key points during your treatment. This ensures a premium result that simply cannot be delivered with online treatment alone.

To provide the highest level of care we use our advanced home monitoring app to monitor the movement of your teeth while you’re away from the clinic. The technology uses AI to track your tooth movement, letting you know when it’s time to move to your next aligner. The app also provides a communication line direct to our local team if you have any questions.

Keeping Your New Smile

When you have completed your treatment, you’ll be taking every opportunity to show your beautiful new smile. So you can stay confident showing your new smile, we provide after-care retainers and teeth whitening, included as part of the treatment cost. 

Wearing your retainer:

nightly icon

First 12 months wear nightly

3 to 5 days icon

After 12 months wear at night 3-5 times per week


Start your smile journey

Two clinics located in Hawthorn and Doreen, Melbourne.

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