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Choosing the best Orthodontic Melbourne practice for you.

Choosing the best Orthodontic Melbourne practice for you. 600 400 Urban Smile

How do you choose the best orthodontic practice? (Key considerations).

But first, what is Orthodontia? Orthodontia is a specialised branch within dentistry that focuses on correcting abnormalities of the jaws and teeth. Traditionally braces have been the tool of choice, but in the last 20 years there has been a shift in Orthodontia to the use of invisible braces such as Invisalign. 

The Orthodontic community of doctors has realised that by offering a more comfortable, less invasive teeth straightening option, more adults have opted to fix their teeth. But Invisalign is not just for adults. At Urban Smile we have found that kids are also enjoying the Invisalign orthodontic appliance as it is easier to eat the foods you want, brush your teeth and get on with playing musical instruments. Plus, with the introduction of “Invisalign Stickies”, children can now add emoji type decorative stickers to their clear Invisalign aligners.

3 tips for choosing the best Orthodontic practice in Melbourne for you:

1. Convenience – does the Orthodontic practice offer at home monitoring?

At-home monitoring, using a smart phone app allows you to get on with life without the constant visits to the orthodontia office. Simply take a video of your teeth when notified by your orthodontist and the doctor will review your progress remotely. Integrated into the orthodontia app is AI technology which monitors your tooth movement and alerts your orthodontist to any potential delays with your tooth movement. This keeps your teeth straightening treatment on track as the orthodontist can make adjustments to your treatment plan faster, rather than waiting for your next appointment to see that your teeth treatment plan needs adjustment.

2. Safety – In person visits

Although an at home teeth straightening app reduces your need to visit the orthodontia office, some orthodontia office visits are still critical to ensure your safety and your best result. In person assessments help ensure the roots of your teeth and the surrounding gum tissue are healthy for orthodontic treatment. X-rays are also taken before orthodontia treatment for a proper oral health assessment. Combining at home teeth monitoring with reduced office visits gives you the best of both worlds – convenience and safety.

3. Specialist training and experience

Invisalign clear aligners are a global product and the more doctors that use the appliance, the more money the company could potentially make. The same applies to any brand of metal braces. However, it has long been known that both Invisalign aligners and traditional braces are just tools. It is the way the doctor uses those tools, and their experience with those tools that will determine your final smile result.  So whilst it may be tempting to shop around for the best price, don’t loose sight of how you will feel if you don’t get the result you were hoping for. In your initial consultation, we recommend asking the following questions:

  • How many patients have you treated with Invisalign clear aligners?
  • Can I see some before and after photos of other patients with a similar problem to me?
  • Do you have specialist training in the field of orthodontia?

If you would like to learn more about how to choose the best orthodontia treatment for you, please book a free virtual consultation with Urban Smile