Alternatives to Braces for Straightening Teeth

Alternatives to Braces for Straightening Teeth 600 400 Urban Smile

Over the past few decades the traditional metal braces have always been the “go-to for teeth straightening, but with smaller and clear metal braces becoming increasingly popular, there’s been incredible demand for even more subtle ways to have your teeth straightened – and sometimes faster results too. This is where clear aligners come in. 

Clear aligner treatment is a great alternative to braces as it provides a really discreet way to have your teeth straightened. It works by using a series of clear plastic aligners, that have been carefully moulded to your teeth to progressively straighten your teeth over a period of time. One huge benefit of clear aligners is that it can be monitored at home using advanced remote technology – which means less trips to the orthodontist.

Another key benefit of using clear aligners is unlike traditional braces, they can be removed. As long as the aligner is being worn to the recommended time frames, the progress of your treatment will stay on track. The fact that Invisalign doesn’t need to be physically attached to your teeth also means less risk of marks on the teeth – another great benefit that comes with using clear aligners.

Not only are clear aligners a great alternative to metal braces for adults, it can be used for kids too. As long as their teeth have developed to the appropriate stage (this can be assessed by an orthodontist) then the use of clear aligners is just as effective and safe to use for children.

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