Clear Aligners

3 ways to how much clear aligner experience your Dentist has

orthodontist showing a clear aligner to the patient
3 ways to how much clear aligner experience your Dentist has 1024 683 Urban Smile

It’s easy to think that you’ll get the same smile result no matter which Dentist you choose for treatment right? Wrong! Yes, clear aligners are made from 3D plastic, and printed at the manufacturing plant, but did you know that this printing is based on the Dentist’s digital prescription they plan for you? It’s actually the dentist that plans your treatment using the clear aligner software.  So your final smile could vary depending on which Dentist does your planning and how much experience they have. Your final smile outcome is not controlled by the manufacturer, they are only responsible for the 3D printing.

Here are three ways  to know if your Dentist is experienced when it comes to clear aligner treatment

  1. Years vs Number of Patients – your Dentist may tell you they have 20 years experience with clear aligners, but that doesn’t actually tell you how many orthodontic patients they have treated. If a dentist only treats 5 orthodontic patients per year, that’s only 100 patients over 20 years.  But if your dentist tells you they treat 100 patients per year with clear aligners then that 2000 patients over 20 years. There is a big difference in the level of experience that comes with treating 2000 patients as opposed to 100.  Our Doctors at Urban Smile have achieved a 2000 patient Lifetime Achievement Award for orthodontic clear aligner treatment in Melbourne.
    woman undergoing orthodontic treatment
  2. Before and After photos – many dentists will show you before and after photos of other orthodontic patients. There are two questions we recommend asking the Doctor.  1. Did you treat these patients yourself? and 2. Can you show me a before and after case of a patient who had similar issues with their teeth as mine?
    woman's orthodontic treatment before and after photo
  3. Not all Dentists are Orthodontists? It takes an additional 3 years of formal study to become a qualified Specialist Orthodontist in Melbourne. Only a specialist has the training and experience to give you your best smile. So whilst a dentist may have access to a machine (such as iTero) that will generate a ‘predicted smile outcome’ of your teeth, just remember that this predicted outcome is only a computer simulation. It may not be the actual prescription plan that is the best to create your new smile.
    orthodontist showing clear aligners to patient