Compare our 3 Teeth Straightening Plans: Urban Smile Bronze, Silver & Gold

Compare our 3 Teeth Straightening Plans: Urban Smile Bronze, Silver & Gold 1024 683 Urban Smile

We want everyone to have straight beautiful teeth, without compromising your final result and without costing a fortune. That’s why we’ve introduced our 3 levels of teeth straightening packages, with clear pricing and interest free payment plans. Our packages work on a scale from minor tooth movement to major tooth movement.

All our Urban Smile packages include a combination of in-clinic visits and remote monitoring. This means we can maximise convenience by reducing the number of clinic visits you’ll need during treatment, but you’ll still see your Orthodontist at key moments during your treatment to ensure we can deliver premium results.

Unlike DIY packages that only offer “straighter” teeth, not “straight” teeth, Urban Smile is committed to providing premium smile results and a treatment that is finished without compromise. Check out our teeth straightening packages below or download our comparison table for more information.

Urban Bronze

Urban Bronze is our express clear aligner treatment may be ideal for people who

  • may require a tidy up of the front smiling teeth
  • may be experiencing minor relapse from previous braces or aligner orthodontic treatment
  • have minor crowding
  • have minor gaps between the front part of your smile
  • may have a minor midline correction needed

Treatment time: Between 6 and 9 months on average.

Urban Silver

Urban Silver is usually ideal for people who are experiencing

  • moderate crowding
  • moderate spacing
  • moderate rotation of teeth

Although you may only be concerned with how the front portion of your smile looks, for some patients, moving the back teeth is needed in order to make room to unravel the crowding of the front teeth and to align your ‘bite’.  This ability to move the back teeth is one of the features that really differentiates Urban Silver from Urban Bronze.

Treatment time: Between 12 and 18 months on average.

Urban Gold

Urban Gold is our ultimate package for those people experiencing

  • severe crowding
  • moderate to severe bite problems
  • most of of the front teeth overlapping
  • teeth that are rotated more than x degrees

Urban Gold delivers drastic results that will have you smiling like never before. If, through our Orthodontists Assessment, it is determined that your orthodontic issues are related to skeletal problems then we can discuss complementary treatments to be used in conjunction with clear aligners to achieve your optimal orthodontic and skeletal result.

Treatment time: Between 18 and 24 months on average.

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